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Imagine no more driving to the store, parking, shopping, packing and carrying your groceries to the car. 

With our convenient online grocery store you can shop any time of day or night, from home, work or on vacation. Our home delivery service delivers right to your door. Our friendly delivery service is quick and efficient.
Order today, get your groceries tomorrow.

*Orders placed on a statutory holiday will be delivered on the business day following the holiday.

Shop Online - It's Easy

Online Grocery Store

It's easy to shop online. Our products are organized just like they are in a store. You'll have choices of products, brands and sizes:

Department Aisles include:

Baked Goods Meats & Deli 
Baking Supplies Organic Foods
Beverages Pasta & Rice
Breakfast Pet Food
Canned Food Produce
Cooking & Condiments Spices & Seasonings
Dairy Products Sauces
Dinner Mix & Kits Snacks
Frozen Foods Soups
Health & Beauty Tobacco
Jumbo Sizes  
Jams, Peanut Butter & Honey  


Save-a-Cart for Repeat Orders

Try our convenient Save a Cart option - add in all of your usual items once and the cart will remember you. Each time, you can simply add the special items you need for that specific order.

Our customers tell us it takes about  20 minutes to do their shopping.
Are you looking for ways to save time?

NOTE: Our online grocery store features the same prices as our grocery store - including the Downtown Family Foods weekly sales as well as exclusive online specials (note: the flyer prices are not reflected online but will be applied at the till on the day we deliver the goods)